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Mass Effect

My first attempt at fanart in a very long time...

Save Me 1/1

Category: Supernatural
Title: Save Me (1/1)
Genre: Angst
Rating: Fiction Rated: T
Betas: Yor and blacklid - thank you!
Summary: It's Detroit, 2010. The war is lost and Sam is going to say yes. But the fight isn't over and the Winchesters still have one plan left to save the world.
Warning: Someone is dying in this story at some point.

Dean cast one last glance out of the window before he closed the blinds to shut out the world and the demons surrounding the motel.Collapse )

Short BSG related Question

This might sound weird, but I can't remember the name ...

If you've seen BSG, you probably remember the scene in CIC when Adama was shot and he was lying on this table in CIC.

Here's the question: Does that table have a name? I'm trying to figure it out, but I can't remember! Planning table maybe? It does sound strange, but it's all I've got so far.

Does anyone have an idea?

ETA: Does anyone known what's going on with BSG Wiki? Is it down for good? Or is it just a temporary glitch? Because I can't access it and it's been my number one site if I needed to know anything BSG related :(

Look what I got!

My very good friend from the US is visiting me this christmas ... look what she got me:

It's a Supernatural mousepad ... how awesome is that! Now I have Dean Winchester's phone number ^^

Happy Birthday, tim_world!

Finally I can give my birthday wishes back to you :-)

Happy Birthday, tim_world! Collapse )


Happy Birthday, Laurie!

Happy Birthday, laurie31 . Have a wonderful day!!!

This is for you ...Collapse )



Here's some good advice for the day ...


In short: "Life is hard, we're all in this together, don't be a dick." by fragbert

An SPN Cover

A friend ask me to make her an SPN Soundtrack Cover and today I finally sat down to do it. I have no idea whatsoever if the size fits, but as long as I don't get a long list of complaints back from her, I'm happy with it.

SPN Soundtrack Cover Collapse )

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